Why your liver might need a detox…

Two words, Liver. Care.

Considering the liver is one of the largest, most vital organs in the human body, it’s incredibly important to prioritize liver health. The liver is responsible for storing and releasing energy from food, as well as filtering the body of toxins and wastes. Let’s break it down.


The liver carries out more than 500 roles in the human body. Crazy, right?

A few major functions include: bile production and fat metabolization, blood filtering, vitamin and mineral storage, and protein and carbohydrate metabolization.
Bile Production & Fat Metabolization: Bile produced by the liver helps the small intestine break down fats and cholesterol for easier digestion

Blood Filtering: The liver serves as a filtering system that removes compounds and hormones from the body both from natural sources and artificial (such as alcohol)

Vitamin & Mineral Storage: A, D, E, K, and B12 are stored in the liver. It also stores iron, to help with red blood cell production

Protein & Carb Metabolization: Carbs are broken down to glucose and are rereleased into the bloodstream via the liver. Proteins are broken down by bile for digestion

Let’s Keep It Healthy

✔️Less Fatty Foods: Look, we’re all about a french fry here and there, but it’s all about balance. Eating a diet heavy in fried, fatty foods (the wrong kinds of fat) can lead to liver disease. According to the American Liver Foundation, the best way to fight liver disease is to maintain a healthy weight and a balanced diet. What else? Hydrogenated oils. A lot of food companies use hydrogenated oils to prolong shelf life and to cut costs, however, these can affect heart health and liver health. Avoid these when possible by reading food labels, using vegetable oil when cooking, limiting processed foods and choosing healthy and natural snacks. Bring on the fruits & veggies!

✔️Drugs/Alcohol: Large quantities of alcohol and drugs can cause extensive damage to liver cells and lead to cirrhosis, which ultimately affects how the liver carries out its functions. The definition of heavy drinking is consuming eight drinks or more per week for women, and 15 or more for men. According to an article on Alcohol and the Liver, researchers report that liver cirrhosis is the 12th leading cause of death in the United States. The damage done to the liver by cirrhosis can generally not be undone.


✔️Limit Tylenol Intake: Tylenol has been prescribed for decades, however recent studies prove that excessive consumption of Tylenol can cause major liver problems. Researchers from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) conducted a study on the effects of acetaminophen (Tylenol) on patients’ liver enzyme levels. The study involved 145 healthy volunteers and those who were given a consistent dosage of Tylenol had significantly higher liver enzyme levels. For the record, we’re not saying eliminate it all together, just be mindful of your consumption. A good substitution… turmeric. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. It’s so powerful, that it’s been studied as an alternative for some of these drugs, but without the negative side effects. 

✔️Check Ingredients in Skincare Products: Believe it or not, skincare and nail products can be toxic to your liver. Check your labels! Unfortunately the U.S. has few laws regarding additives to skincare products. Avoid parabens. Parabens are chemicals that are added to a lot of face washes, body washes, face masks, etc. that preserve the product. They act as a hormone disruptor and have been linked to breast cancer and fertility issues. Same with fragrance. Yes, we all love a good smelling product, but just know that anything with added fragrance can cause similar issues. What’s shady is that companies legally don’t have to release what the fragrance is made up of… it’s classified as a “trade secret”…

✔️Supplements: Adding a liver care supplement can promote overall liver function and health by stimulating the growth of new liver cells and aiding in the detoxification process.

Need a detox?

Many of you might be wondering how to tell if a liver detox is something you need. While it’s true that your body detoxes itself, our modern day lifestyles, pollution, BPAs and more can cause a toxic overload in our systems. There are several signs your liver may need some help,  but here are a few of the most common:


✔️ yellow or white coated tongue or bad breath

✔️fluid retention and bloating


✔️hormonal issues like PMS, breast tenderness, spotting and cramps

✔️fatigue (especially first thing in the morning)

✔️cravings and blood sugar issues


Oh, and for the ladies…

The liver plays a vital role in the body’s use of hormones. The organ acts as a processor and regulates some of your hormone levels. One in particular, is estrogen. 

When estrogen has fulfilled its duties throughout the body, it’s sent to the liver to then be removed. If there are excess toxins, the liver can’t remove estrogen at its normal rate. This can cause a buildup of estrogen in the bloodstream. The question then becomes, how do I know if there’s a dominance of estrogen in my body? Here’s a few symptoms… 


✔️Tender/swollen breasts 

✔️Bloating and painful periods


✔️Irregular periods/ heavy bleeding

✔️Migraines before your period


If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, it could be a sign that your liver could use some support.

Why Éstora Liver Care?

Éstora Liver Care blend is packed with herbs and adaptogens like milk thistle, reishi, and turkey tails to name a few. These help your body gently detox and get you back to feeling 100.

If you’ve never heard of milk thistle, this flowering herb is often used as a natural treatment for liver issues due to the active ingredient, silymarin. This potent property is what gives milk thistle it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory boost! Studies show that milk thistle can improve liver function in people with liver disease and is thought to reduce inflammation and damage caused by free radicals in the liver.

Reishi is a fungus that has become a staple in Eastern medicine. Studied benefits of the mushroom include: enhancement of the immune system, cancer fighting properties, and even its potential of fighting fatigue and anxiety/depression. 

Turkey tail contains a wide variety of antioxidants as well, which help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. It also may have positive effects on gut health by enhancing the growth of good bacteria and suppressing harmful bacteria. 

Let’s get you back to feeling your best, check out Liver Care at the link below.