Why Live Sourcing is so Important

Why live Sourcing Is So Important?

Nature has intended all life forms to get food from the earth and not from a lab. We agree with this 100%, which inspired us to hold this as our business ideology. As a result, we only live source all our ingredients for our formulation.

What is live sourcing?

Live sourcing means every Estora supplement comes from the highest quality real food. We do not create, re-create or modify ingredients in the lab to formulate our products. We only source the purest high-quality ingredients, combine them in our state-of-the-art facilities to offer you premium products that enhance your health.

By high-quality, we mean the following,

  • Check if the ingredient is free of toxins and other chemicals
  • Eliminate ingredients with additives that may come from its extraction process
  • Analyse if the extraction process retains the nutrition and bio-availability of ingredients
  • Direct sourcing of our ingredients from trusted and vetted suppliers.
  • Follow a rigorous process to meet our stringent standards for each ingredient for every batch.

We are proud of our mission and stand behind our products. Our committed to perfection and our emphasis on purity and quality guarantees a superior quality health supplement. We place utmost dedication and carefully monitor our ingredients from the procurement of raw materials through final production. We strive to work through this massive and complex process to carefully test and approve every batch we source.

How it benefits our customers?

Real nutrition without chemicals or toxins

Dietary supplements that are free of impurities, fillers, mixers or additives. 

Guaranteed clean ingredients

Superior quality

Improvement in your health that you can both see and feel

Safe and effective supplements

How are we different from the rest?

Pure ingredients:

When you purchase a dietary supplement from us, you can be sure that you are getting only the natural ingredients in their pure form. The ingredients are not altered or recreated in any way and presented. There are no synthetic vitamins or additives of any kind used in our formulation. On the other hand, a standard vitamin supplement in the market is only 10-20% of the actual nutrient. The remaining 80-90% could be a mix of synthetic nutrients, additives, fillers, and preservatives.

Superior bio-availability:

Our supplements are 100% bio-available to the body, meaning 100% of the nutrients are absorbed by the body because it is live sourced. But, synthetically sourced vitamins look structurally different as a result the body does not recognize and does not use it.


Our dietary supplements come direct plant sources and are not created synthetically in the lab*. So, all the co-factors and enzymes that come from naturally occurring nutrients are present in our supplements. It means you are taking a nutrient-dense product. More than 95% of the vitamins in the market belong to the synthetic sources.

Safe and healthier:

Food that is live sourced offer you the safe amount of nutrients your body can handle. To ensure our source is clean, we choose only organic ingredients in our formulation. Synthetic forms of vitamins and supplements are dangerous because it is possible to get a concentrated serving of the nutrient rather than the amount that generally comes from natural sources.

A product that is clean, organic and of superior quality costs more. A key reason why most companies don’t adopt it. It is possible to purchase a  supplement that comes from synthetic sources at less than half a cost. But these do not occur in nature and are not suitable for our bodies. Cheap supplements can lead to other health issues, eventually leading to pay with your health.

It is our passion to motivate people to make healthy choices and make an informed decision. We aim to change the way the supplement industry works. We understand it begins with information, transparency and delivering high-quality products to improve your health and well-being.